Landscape & Horticultural Services

These services are focused on managing traditional built landscapes and gardens.

  • Site management plan development
  • Project oversight and quality control
  • Tree inventories and management plans
  • Plant health assessments
  • Staff training

Ecological Restoration Services

These services provide long term sustainable protection for restored grassland and woodland landscapes.

  • Restoration and management plan development
  • Plant and community monitoring
  • Project oversight
  • Staff training.

Urban Horticulture

Devoted to bringing the best of the natural world into our daily lives, with an emphasis on using native plants for maximum beauty and durability.

  • Tree Preservation
  • Street tree plantings
  • Wildlife enhancement
  • Urban restoration and gardening


Provide assistance to help “tell the story” of the topics that surround and affect modern landscapes and environments.

  • Written material for newsletters & websites
  • Photography for newsletters and websites.

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